Hi! I'm Stephanie..

My love for baking (and business) started way back as a student. I would bake cookies and loaves and sell it to my classmate during snack time! I'd try out different recipes but at that time, most of it turned out with weird texture or taste! Lol! I like to learn from my mistakes but I also want to learn from the professionals so I took Baking and Pastry Arts from an International School in the Philippines (where I was born and raised).

Fast forward to today, I am now an official entrepreneur and cake artist. I really enjoy the whole process, from designing - baking - decorating - handing it out to my clients!

I don't consider baking and running my business as a job. Infact, I have a full time day job. Baking and decorating is my escape from the daily hustle and bustle of an office job.

Cupcake Mama operates on a small kiosk in the heart of downtown Edmonton. I share space with another passionate entrepreneur. My goal is to someday have my own storefront, and build a team of creative and talented people. Together we will create delicious and beautiful works of art!